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Water Extraction Sydney

Water Extraction Sydney

Flood water extraction Sydney requires the expertise of a professional to make sure proper safety procedures and preservation techniques are used.

Prompt attention from a licensed water extraction Sydney company can ensure the water damage from a flood is as minimal as possible. If you are victimized by a flood here are a few steps to help minimize the damage.

What to Do After a Flood:

  1. Turn the Power Off

The first thing you should do in case of a flood is call a water extraction company. Next you should shut off the power to your home. No one, especially children, should go near the water after a flood since protective gear may be necessary.

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2. Assess the Flood Damage

Upon arrival we will assess the damage to your home. A general explanation of the damage when you call will allow us to prepare for the situation in advance. In cases of extreme damage The Red Cross can provide you with basic necessities and assistance.

3. Do Not Delay

Extensive water damage can happen quickly. Studies show that flood water left for longer than 48 hours has the potential to do the most damage. Flood water can compromise the structure of a house and can ruin drywall. Carpeted areas are extremely prone to water damage so immediate attention is vital. The longer the floodwater stands the more costly and time-consuming the restoration process.

4. Claim Your Flood Insurance

After calling a water extraction company, you should call your insurance company to file a flood insurance claim. We can assist you with this process and are approved by all major insurance companies.

5. Determine the Cause

Repair the root of the problem when possible. A leaky pipe or overflow in the bathroom can be prevented, a flood from a storm cannot.

6. Leave If Necessary

Proper and adequate ventilation is an important part of the cleanup process. We use fans and recommend opening as many doors and windows as possible. A consistent airflow decreases the chances for mould to form. It may be more comfortable and safe to live outside your home for a while.

Allow the water extraction experts to thoroughly handle the situation. We will advise you when it is safe to return home. In the meantime let the local authorities know if you will be leaving your home for a while. You may want to board up your windows as well.

7. Handle the Stress

The pressure and stress that accompanies a flood is inevitable. However, there are certain measures you can take to cope with the situation. Take the time to sleep, eat well, and be grateful for your health. Belongings and things can be replaced, but people cannot.

While dealing with a flood is never enjoyable, taking advantage of professional water extraction services can help tremendously. For more water damage Sydney information or services, please contact us at 0414 686 194. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Water Extraction Sydney
Water Extraction Sydney