Carpet Water Damage

Carpet Water Damage Sydney

When Water Damage occurs at your residence or workplace, let the Building Restoration Services’ team of professionals come to your rescue. We offer a 24/7 emergency service and our experts will come out and …

  • Fully assess your situation, including moisture testing for the places you can’t see to ensure we fix your carpets, floors, subfloors, underlays, walls, skirting, contents, ceilings and structure.
  • Provide a full explanation of what damage has been caused
  • Explain the process to ensure the health of the building is fully restored and your family’s health is not put at risk
  • Put in place a plan to fully restore your property as quickly as possible, ensuring no dangerous mould can grow in your property.

We carry the full range of Water Damage Restoration solutions to ensure we provide the ultimate solution specifically tailored to your property

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Industry Accreditations

At Building Restoration Services we are always working hard to keep at the forefront of restoration techniques and developments. Hence we continue to invest in our team through industry accreditations.

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